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relation beyween path difference and phase difference

"The wave theory of light is the set of light as an electromagnetic wave. In this theory, light is represented as a spectrum of frequencies, some of which we can see (visible light) and some of which we can't (ultraviolet and infrared light).

Also see: Electromagnetic radiation"

I'm going to redirect this stub over to a much more extensive discussion at "Wave-particle duality". That's where "Particle theory of light" already goes.

Atlant 00:53, 4 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Merger proposal[edit]

Is it really worth resurrecting this article, given that there is considerably longer explanation of the same concept at Light#Wave theory (which has the advantage of situating the wave theory in its historical context)? Djr32 (talk) 19:32, 27 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]

I don't really know. The point of this article (IMO), is to be expanded so it covers a lot more than just than what the section in Light covers. Altough right now light contains a lot more info on this. Headbomb {ταλκκοντριβςWP Physics} 23:12, 27 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]

There's easily enough material to make a full article on the wave theory of light. It's a lot more than should fit in a section of an already very long article like Light. The full history could be covered here, with all the important events in the history of theory noted, much more than could be covered in a single section of a much broader article. If there's more in Light right now, maybe that could be copied here to start it off. —Simetrical (talk • contribs) 01:45, 28 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]

I've made the article into a redirect for now. If someone wants to write a proper article to go here (or a more general "historical development of theories of light" article) then great, but I don't see any point in leaving it as a stub. Djr32 (talk) 23:14, 9 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Who's going to write it if there's not already a stub there? Articles grow by starting off small and being expanded. —Simetrical (talk • contribs) 23:44, 11 December 2008 (UTC)[reply]