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Collaboration of the Week (COTW; also Collaboration of the Month, etc.) is a type of program intended to encourage and support collaboration on Wikipedia or similar collaborative web sites. At its core, the idea is simply to identify one or more topics (typically articles) for improvement, so that the members of a collaborative community can work together, building a sense of affiliation, getting to know one another, and achieving more substantial improvements than might be possible through individual effort. A COTW is typically administered informally by volunteer members of a WikiProject.

In c.2011, a research team at Carnegie Mellon University studied the impacts of Collaboration of the Week programs, and found them to be effective:

Until 2006, there was a "collaboration of the week" program for all of English Wikipedia. Wikipedia's sister site Wikisource has several site-wide programs as well, such as the Proofread of the Month.

See also

  • Editing Fridays, a program for real-time collaboration run among Wikipedia Ambassadors in the Wikipedia Education Program in 2011.
  • Article Creation and Improvement Drive, a sitewide program (since discontinued) on English Wikipedia that superseded the site-wide COTW.